Wing Stop

After several suggestions from friends to review Wing Stop fries, I finally tried them! It was late at night after work that I had decided to head over to Wing Stop to buy some. This was definitely a treat for me, since french fries is the best cure for a long, tiring day of school and after working a closing shift. As I took the fries to my car after ordering, the smell was enough to excite me about trying them. I could smell the sweet seasoning that Wing Stop fries are famous for, and after a few moments I couldn’t help but try a couple while they were still fresh.

They were thick cut fries, which is not usually how I prefer mine, for I prefer the thin ones which have a tendency to cook crispier. Even with this being said, the flavor was enough to make up for what the fries lacked in crispiness. The seasoning made the fries sweet, but it spiced up my life in the couple minutes it took me to perform my taste test. Another great thing about the fries was that it didn’t taste so artificial, like how some do at certain fast food restaurants and other places that have inadequate French fries. This made me really happy inside, both in my heart and in my stomach, which was filled with potatoey goodness.

Like the McDonald’s Shakin’ Flavor Fries, these fries are also seasoned. Because of this, I’ll draw comparisons between the two. First off, the overall quality of the Wing Stop fries was way above that of the McDonald’s fries. The seasoning of the Wing Stop fries also made the fries better, while the seasoning of the McDonald’s Shakin’ Flavor fries was just too overpowering. All in all, if you’re in the mood for some seasoning on your fries, go to Wing Stop and not McDonald’s.

Now it’s time for what you’ve been waiting for: the rating. Because of Wing Stop’s famous seasoning, I’d give these 4 out of 5 crisps. Wing Stop fans are right when they say these fries don’t disappoint!


Raising Cane’s

Raising Cane’s is extremely popular for their chicken finger meals and special Cane’s sauce. Along with the chicken fingers, the meal also includes a side of fries, Texas toast, and cole slaw. The restaurant’s popularity made this one of the top places I chose to review. Surprisingly, Cane’s has been around for awhile and was founded in 1996 in Baton Rouge, LA. Maybe it’s just me, but I noticed that Cane’s spike in popularity began only a few years back, maybe approximately four or five years ago. It was definitely a shock to find out that it has been in existence for 19 years!  Many of my friends are crazy about this restaurant, making it their go-to for a quick meal. This sparked my curiosity, so I headed over to give it another try. I had eaten at Raising Cane’s years ago, but it was only recently that I had gone back for more.

It was a grey November afternoon. I ordered the Box Combo from Raising Cane’s, and the smell of the food was chasing the rainy day blues away. As much as I love a clean car smell, I also love the smell of fast food trapped in the tight space of a car, like a car-oven. I baked in the warmth and aroma of the food, and then opened the box to check if the order was right. Three chicken strips? Check. Texas Toast? Check. And most importantly… Fries? Check. I picked up one of the crinkle cut fries and held it up to examine its properties.

It was crispy, which is a necessity for fries in my book. There’s nothing sadder than a floppy, soggy fry. A soggy fry would’ve just made the rainy day a little more glum.  Anyways, it was satisfyingly crispy and perky; just how I like it. The crinkles just add to the aesthetics, but hey, who doesn’t love a cute little fry! After giving the fry my inspection, it was time for the taste test. I popped it in, chewed, and really contemplated how I felt about it. It was definitely satisfying. The texture was crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside, just like how fries should be. It had a moderate amount of salt which was good, but it lacked the “potatoey” taste. It’s a fast food fry, so I didn’t have high expectations for how natural it tasted, however the potatoey taste is a perk. You just know it’s more “real” when you can really taste the potato. In addition to this, the plain fry needed some extra flavor. This is where the Cane’s sauce comes in handy. It’s sweet, pink and has a thin consistency. I dipped it in, and the tanginess of the sauce really gave the fry that extra something it needed. That fry rode down a waterslide of the special sauce down my throat, and down into the lazy river in my stomach. The two paired together became addicting. I’d have to say, a Raising Cane’s French fry is like a celebrity. Celebrities can be average in looks and talent, but with some extra glam, you have a star. Similarly, the was fry decent yet average in taste. However, it was taken to another level once dressed up in sauce!

After my meal, I’d have to say that the gloomy, rainy day was brightened a little with some good food. Sometimes, you just need some good fast-food that will go straight to your thighs. Am I right, or am I right? All in all, I’d have to give the Raising Cane’s French fry 3 crisps. Without the help of the sauce, it definitely IS a good fry, but not the best! What do you think, you fry fanatics?

McDonald’s Shakin’ Flavor Seasoned Fries

Hey fry guys,

As you can see in the title above, I finally tried the Shakin’ Flavor Fries! Now, the classic McDonald’s fries are given a little extra kick with three different flavors of seasoning you can choose from. These flavors include: Garlic Parmesan, Zesty Ranch and Spicy Buffalo. The location I went to didn’t have all the flavors, so I was only able to try Garlic Parmesan and Zesty Ranch. Maybe next time, Spicy Buffalo!


So here’s how it works, they give you the fries as usual: plain, and in those regular ol’ fry cups. With it, comes a paper bag where you’re supposed to dump in the fries and seasoning and shake everything all together.


After all the shaking, you have your seasoned fries!


(Please excuse the quality of these pictures, hahaha. They were taken in the car!)

Anyways, after taking my time to really taste and evaluate the seasoned fries, I did realize that I like the Garlic Parmesan seasoning better. The cheesiness added a nice touch to the plain fries that was not too strong. As for the Zesty Ranch flavor, I thought the flavor was  too overpowering. The potatoey goodness of the fry that we all love was somewhat lost after having shaken up all the taters in the seasoning. Sometimes less is more!

Even though I did say I enjoyed the Garlic Parmesan seasoning, I would also have to say that the McDonald’s fries are much better without it, just like what I had said for the Zesty Ranch flavor. It’s not that it was bad, or too strong, it’s just that the McDonald’s fries are truly great without any extra flavoring! Don’t get me wrong! A change is nice, but these fries have been here for me in their plainness time and time again, and barely ever disappoint. Just like people, the McDonald’s fries are beautiful just the way they are. They don’t need to overdress themselves or mask their inner deliciousness!

(That wasn’t the best comparison, I know!)

Just because the fries are better off without the added flavor, I’d have to give the McDonald’s Shakin Flavor Fries three crisps. What redeems these fries are the fact that they are so good as they are! Rather than the seasoning making the fries better, the fries actually made the seasoning better… If you know what I mean. Anyways, if you like McDonald’s fries, I still recommend the Shakin’ Flavor Fries to try! The flavor is a nice change, but as I have said over and over, is no match for the original.

Chick-fil-A Appreciation Post

The title of this post totally gives it away, but I’d just like to take a moment to express my deep love for the Chick-fil-A waffle fries. I’m sure almost everyone has had them before! If not, what are you still doing here? GO GET SOME.

Anyways, you should know I’m being 100% real when I praise these fries because we all know fairly well that Chick-fil-A doesn’t need an unknown blogger promoting their food. With that being said, I shall proceed to describe to you EXACTLY how I feel about these fries.

When the fries are cooked to perfection, consuming them is such an amazing experience. I personally prefer ordering them well-done because the crispy texture is to die for! And oh lord, don’t get me started on the SAUCE. The toasty fry dipped into Chick-fil-A sauce is a potato trip, and I never want to come back to reality. The texture of the fry is softened a little by the sauce but still remains crispy, and the sauce gives it that little extra kick I need to spice up my life. Also, when I talk about the sauce, I’m strictly talking about the Chick-fil-A sauce. Forget about the honey mustard, forget about the ketchup, and definitely forget about the Polynesian sauce. I’m sorry to those who are fans of the Polynesian sauce, but I just don’t get it. My friends always dip their fries in it, and I just don’t understand the appeal. It tastes like maple syrup mixed with something else I can’t exactly place my finger on. Also, it’s too sweet and the potatoey goodness of the fry ends up being overpowered. Anyways, my point is to get the Chick-fil-A sauce!

Now back to the fry. The Chick-fil-A waffle fry is like the perfect man. A little rough on the outside, soft on the inside, and exciting enough to make you keep coming back for more. With that being said, you can probably tell that I never get tired of these. I’m so loyal to these fries that I’ll also compare them to being in a great friendship. They’re always there for me, and I’m always there for them. I’m here for them on their best days (when they’re cooked perfectly) and their not-so-good days, (when they’re not cooked perfectly).

To sum it all up, I’m obsessed. And now I’m hungry.

Freaky Fryday

Hi friends,

Happy Fryday! Freaky Fryday as a matter of fact; it’s October! I’m incredibly excited to say that this is my very first post! THIS IS THE BIRTH OF SOMETHING GREAT. Something exciting, tasty, mouth watering, crispy, and golden brown. As you probably guessed, this blog is dedicated to the best food in the world. Sent from the heavens, God blessed us with the FRENCH FRY.

Now, some may be wondering why I speak of the French fry so highly. Let me just tell you now, it is the most delicious, addicting thing in the world. I don’t know any other food that has that effect on me. I have a second stomach for it. With that being said, it was inevitable to me that this blog would be about fries. Every week, I’ll pick a restaurant in the Dallas area and review their deep fried potatoes. Hopefully, my fellow fry lovers will learn of the best places to eat at and try them out as well! I am now honored to hold the title of French Fry Reviewer. I don’t know why I say I’m honored though, because I gave myself that title. Well, if you share my passion, you’ll understand me.

Anyways guys, be prepared! A whole lotta crispy goodness will be coming to this blog soon!

Yours truly,

Fryda Kahlo